5 Simple Ways to Prevent Holiday Plumbing Issues

During the holidays, your home’s plumbing gets put to use more than any other time of year, particularly if you host family gatherings or have overnight guests. That’s why we’ve put together these five tips for preventing common plumbing problems that frequently occur around the holiday season. After all, everyone would much rather have a visit from Santa than an emergency plumber.

1. Remember what should and shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal.

When everyone’s busy in the kitchen preparing a holiday meal, folks can be a little less careful when it comes to their garbage disposal. As a general rule, never put any of the following down your garbage disposal (or any of your home’s drains):

  • Gristle

  • Bones (even tiny bone fragments)

  • Grease, oil, or fat

  • Potato peels

  • Stringy, fibrous vegetables

  • Stems, seeds, or pits

  • Coffee grounds

These items can cause your garbage disposal to jam, break, or become clogged. As a precaution, use a mesh guard to prevent unwanted items from slipping down the kitchen drain.

2. Keep a wastebasket next to your toilet.

No garbage should ever be flushed down a toilet except for toilet paper. Even napkins, paper towels, and flushable wipes can cause clogs in your toilet or farther down the drain because they do not break down in water as effectively as toilet paper does.

Even though most people know not to flush garbage, they might be tempted to if there isn’t a trash bin of some sort nearby. Keep a wastebasket beside the toilet so that guests have a handy place to toss their garbage before leaving the bathroom.

3. Warn guests if you own a finicky toilet.

Everyone’s toilet acts differently. If you own one that’s prone to clogging, make sure you let your guests know! They might be used to a toilet that can easily flush a lot of paper, whereas yours might be older and not have the force behind its flush to handle that. If you’d like to warn guests a little more discreetly, you can put up a small sign in your bathroom with a polite message to prevent toilet problems.

4. Warn guests also if you own a finicky shower!

If you’re hosting overnight guests for the holidays, they are going to need the shower at least once. It’s always awkward trying to navigate the quirks of an unfamiliar shower, so save your guests some confusion and embarrassment by giving them a quick rundown of your shower’s “eccentricities.” This goes a long way in preventing problems like broken faucet handles.

5. Take care of clogs well in advance.

No one wants to deal with a clog in the middle of the family Christmas party. If your home already has a slow drain, it’s best to take care of it well before your next holiday gathering. If a plunger doesn’t do the trick, you can contact a plumber for professional drain cleaning services.

Need Emergency Service?

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