Get a Furnace Check-Up in Edwardsville, IL

When it comes to those frigid Edwardsville, IL winters, it’s easy to understand why people in this area heavily rely on their furnaces to help them get through the freezing season. However, if you haven’t had a furnace check-up in a while, you could be caught in the cold at some point during the season. You should schedule a check-up once per year to ensure a functional and efficient system that will outlast the cold. However, some people still don’t understand the value of a yearly furnace inspection. So, here’s what’s actually checked during a furnace tune-up and how it helps your system.


During your furnace check-up, your local heating professional should check all components of your system. Whether you have a gas, oil or electric unit, they should know the individual parts to check for each system. Additionally, during the inspection, the heating repair specialist will ensure that all components of the system are clean, functional, and in good enough shape to make it through the season. Parts that get checked during a furnace check-up include:

  • Blower
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Heating Coils
  • Pilot Light
  • Electric Ignition
  • Flame Sensor
  • Gas/Oil Lines
  • Furnace Filter
  • Etc.


Part of the inspection will also include the connections from the fuel source to your heating system. Whether it’s electric, gas or oil, your HVAC technician will know how to test for faulty connections, leaks and other problems that make your home and your system unsafe.


Something else that gets inspected during a furnace check-up is the furnace filter and amount of dust that’s built up on your system. A dusty system means your furnace has to work harder to heat the air, and it has to work harder to distribute that air throughout the home. A furnace tune-up cleans the system to maintain optimal efficiency and keep energy bills from rising.


In addition to the system itself, they should also check the ductwork. Many times ductwork becomes blocked with dust or debris, or a hole forms in the ductwork, which robs your system of its efficiency. Be sure to have the ductwork inspected to ensure it’ll last through the winter.


Finally, the overall efficiency of your system will be checked throughout the process of the furnace check-up. With heating costs that arise during the cold months, you’ll want your system to be it’s most efficient going into peak season.

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