How to Change a Furnace Filter

What You Need to Know About Changing a Furnace Filter

Winters in Belleville can bring harsh conditions that make you take refuge inside your home. However, if your furnace isn’t functioning properly, you’ll be just as cold in there as you are outside. One reason furnaces fail to function properly is because people forget to change their furnace filters. This is a simple and inexpensive maintenance task that you can do yourself. The furnace filter removes dust and other particles from their air that gets circulated in your ventilation system. When this filter gets clogged, it makes things more difficult for the rest of your heating system. Regularly changing helps your system maintain efficiency. But how do you change it? Follow these steps when it comes time to change your filter.

Step 1: Turn off your furnace

Before doing any work on your furnace, make sure to shut the power off. This will protect you from any electrical shocks or health hazards.

Step 2: Locate where the furnace filter is

The first step in changing a furnace filter is to know where it is. The average furnace filter is located inside the blower compartment. If you have an up flow furnace (air moves upward) the filter will be located near the bottom. If you have a down flow furnace, your filter will be located near the top.

Step 3: Find the correct furnace filter replacement

Step number one when changing furnace filters is to find the correct replacement for your system. To do this, use the old filter; it will have the size printed somewhere on the frame of it. Once you find the size, stop by your hardware store to pick up a new filter.

Step 4: Remove the old filter

furnace filter in belleville

The next step you’ll want to take is to remove the old filter. First, find the filter compartment, which will be located near the blower cabinet. Take out the old filter and set aside for proper disposal. Be sure to take note of how the filter was placed in the compartment.

Step 5: Replace the filter

Moving on, determine which direction the air is blowing, and install the new filter so that the arrows on the frame correspond with the direction of the airflow. If installed improperly, furnace filters will not work correctly, leaving you and your family to breathe air that’s filled with dust and other particles.

Step 6: Set a reminder

Finally, it’s time to dispose of the old filter and set a reminder for the next time you need to change your filter. Most manufacturers suggest changing it monthly, but this may vary depending on your system and usage. The best bet is to set a reminder to check the filter bi-weekly to be sure you can replace it before it gets too dirty!

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