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Can’t seem to get your home to cool down? AC problems at your business? Call your local HVAC company for expert service and the friendly customer care that you deserve. At Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air, we provide a wide variety of HVAC services to those in Fairview Heights and throughout the Metro-East area. In fact, our family-owned business understands the need for prompt repairs that keep the temperature under control at our customers’ homes and businesses. Additionally, we offer a trained staff with years of experience to ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact our staff at (618) 352-5599 to schedule service today!

Handling All Your HVAC Needs

Those in the Fairview Heights area know that we’re the local HVAC company that they can count on for all their air conditioning needs. In fact, they know that our team is made up of trained and friendly professionals who know how to use the latest tools and technology to solve all your HVAC problems. Additionally, we provide service whether you’re at home or work, from major repairs on the hottest days to a simple tune-up to before the season hits.

Contact our staff for service on any of the following AC systems:

  • Central air conditioners
  • Ductless mini-splits
  • Window air conditioners
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Hybrid air conditioners
  • Mobile home air conditioners

Also, we offer fast solutions to some of your most common AC problems, such as:

  • Air conditioner blowing warm air
  • Faulty blower fan
  • Frozen coils
  • Dirty coils
  • Faulty condenser
  • Faulty compressor

AC Maintenance

Make sure you’re scheduling the right services to keep your system from needing repairs. In fact, at Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air, we offer AC system tune-ups from some of the area’s leading HVAC technicians. Each inspection covers all components of your system and could help you save money by avoiding costly repairs and increasing your energy efficiency. Has your system been inspected this year?

Contact us for your AC tune-up, which includes the following:

  • Refrigerant check
  • Electrical connections check
  • Gas connections check
  • Thermostat check and calibration
  • Evaporator check and cleaning
  • Condenser check and cleaning
  • Filter inspection and replacement
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Airflow testing
  • Safety control inspection
  • Lubricate parts

Don’t pull your hair out over your plumbing. At Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air, you’ll find that we take the calm approach to plumbing, as we have been doing it that way for many years. We specialize in all sorts of tasks when it comes to plumbing but set our sights on repairs because you need repairs in order to have better plumbing. Who likes flushing their commode and having it get backed up onto the floor? A back up may be the result of using too much toilet paper, or a foreign object lodged in the drains. Whatever the reason, make sure and contact us when your toilet gets backed up.

Luckily, we provide repairs and installation for all plumbing components, including:

  • Water purifiers
  • Water heaters
  • Sinks
  • Tubs
  • Showers
  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Water softeners
  • Sewer lines
  • Pipes

Water Heater Services

When it comes to water heaters, you may be finding yourself a little bit lost. Do you need repairs or a complete replacement? Did you do something wrong? When you find yourself uncertain about water heaters, there’s only one call to make – to Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air, of course! With us, our trained and friendly technicians know just what it takes to get your home the hot water you desire. First, we’ll provide an inspection that focuses on diagnosing the source of your problems. Next, we’ll decide if it’s possible to repair your unit or if you’ll need a replacement. However, our technicians don’t make commission, and we won’t pressure you into something you don’t need. Any recommendation for a new water heater will be based on your specific needs only. Review the water heater types below to ensure you’re making the right choice for your home or business.

We can service the following types of water heaters:

  • Gas – Uses a pilot light in order to heat up the tank. Gas units burn fuel more efficiently but tend to cost more than the electric units. Be sure and replace yours if you start to notice mineral deposits in the water.
  • Electric – One of the most widely used units, electric water tanks can save you money as they cost next to nothing to have installed and do not use too much water.
  • Tankless – One of the newer models on the market, a tankless water system is what you need to call up your water on-demand. Why wait and have your water warmed up whenever you can have it when you absolutely need it?

Call (618) 352-5599 Today

We’re proud to be the local HVAC company that people in the Fairview Heights area rely on for all their heating and cooling needs. In fact, we understand the frustration of failed comfort systems, and we provide 24-hour emergency service to ensure the repairs you need are just one phone call away. Also, we’ll never overcharge you for working after hours – what you pay during the day, is what you pay at night. Contact Morrison Plumbing, Heating and Air today at (618) 352-5599 for fast and effective plumbing, heating, and AC services in Fairview Heights.

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